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Robert Morris College

CI-310 : Sept 27, 2000

CI-310 Information Systems Applications, 3 credits Admin/ General
Wednesday evenings, 6:00 - 8:50 pm Hale 306 Schedule
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088
Dept. Head: Dave Wood, Ph.D. 412.262.2788 Links

Chapter 5: The Role of Software

Renting Software of the web: page 141-2.
What is software? detailed instructions that control computer operations
Two types of software: systems (Win98) and applications(Word).

Systems Software

PC Operating Systems, p.148

Application Software

Programming Languages

Admiral Grace Hopper

PC Software Tools

Object-Oriented Programming

(as opposed to: procedural programming)


Business Management of Software

The ASP model

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning Software p.168
Permits company to manage all assets through the IS

Selecting Software

To Do For Next Class, 10/04/00

Something To Expect for Next Class: I'll post several group projects. Students may choose their own projects and identify their own groups. Groups may also propose alternative projects.