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Robert Morris College

CI-310 : Sept 20, 2000

CI-310 Information Systems Applications, 3 credits Admin/ General
Wednesday evenings, 6:00 - 8:50 pm Hale 306 Schedule
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088
Dept. Head: Dave Wood, Ph.D. 412.262.2788 Links

Personal Project

Personal Web Page

This project requires designing and building a personal web site. The web site will consist of a home page and three subordinate pages: one containing a resume, one representing a sample intranet page, and the other containing either a list of favorite links or focusing on a favorite activity or hobby.

Students will develop the site on floppy disk and then upload it to one of several free web servers. The deliverable will be a functional site accessible over the web. Students who prefer to not upload their site due to personal reasons may so inform the instructor.

This project intends to provide an opportunity to develop a personal web site that you could refer to in interviews. Feel free to deviate from the assigned format (main page, resume page, intranet page, hobby page) after notifying the instructor.

Strategic network business proposal

This project consists of a research paper outlining a business proposal that you are making to corporate management. In the proposal, you will suggest a strategic initiative involving networked computer systems that will provide significant competitive advantage to the company.

You will identify the costs, benefits, and timeframe of the initiative. Describe the process you will use to develop and test a prototype of the new system or process. Describe the method in which you will introduce the new system or process to operational use.

Describe the major stakeholders in the change. Identify your plans to manage the change, in terms of both physical details and human socio-behavioral issues.

This paper should be typed, double-spaced, and should probably be 6-8 pages in length. You may make this a concrete suggestion for a company you presently work for, or may make this a concrete suggestion for a company you know of or currently are a customer of (Sears, McD, Fedex).

Chapter Four

Web 101 (A)

This course segment relies on files provided on floppy disks. You will be using and amending these files to build your own site. Since there is a clear possibility that the files provided may become corrupt, all of the files are also duplicated on a sub-directory so that you may copy them back onto the main directory.

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