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Robert Morris College

CI-310 : Sept 13, 2000

CI-310 Information Systems Applications, 3 credits Admin/ General
Wednesday evenings, 6:00 - 8:50 pm Hale 306 Schedule
Instructor: Ed Quigley 724.774.2088
Dept. Head: Dave Wood, Ph.D. 412.262.2788 Links

Any questions on Chapter Two?

Class Discussion: Loudon, Chapter 3, pg. 72-105.

What is an Organization?
Or, from Aristotle:
What isn't an organization?

Common Features of Orgs (table 3-1)

5 different Org Types, Table 3-2
Orgws and Environments. Two paragraphs at bottom of p.78

Business Process p.82, second paragraph: Therefore, ...

Changing Role of IS
Figure 3-6, Evolution of IT
It Services & Different Roles, p. 84-85

How InfoSys affect Orgs

Integrating Systems and Business Process

Role of Managers in Organizations

Decision Making, p. 97
Simon's Stages of Decision Making, p. 98

Individual Models of Decision Making

Org Models of Decision Making

Implications/Challenge: How do we build ISs that lead each type of org back to the "golden mean"?

Summary: pgs. 101-103

Managing Change

How do we lead people through technical change? How do we persuade people to make any change?

To Do For Next Class, 9/20/00